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Morocco Marine Service is now operating as an authorized marine safety and lifting equipment inspection and repair station Worldwide Nationwide. We are certified to inspect and repair for all safety, deck and lifting equipment. Always committed to providing excellent customer service, and meets the international rules from IMO, SOLAS and ILO.

Life Raft Inspections & Repair

Inspections, maintenance and repairs of approved brand of life rafts, being an approved service station. We are accredited to do life rafts inspections by classification society and local marine authority.

Lifeboat & Davit Inspections

Annual and five yearly inspections including 1.1 overload test of Lifeboats and Launching Appliances according with SOLAS Regulation as MSC.1/Cir. 1206. To perform the load test we use modern water bags to put into the lifeboat and also we use other specific water bags to do the load test directly from the davits. Morocco Marine Service approved by the most important manufacturers of Lifeboats and Davits If your equipment manufacturer is not in our approval list, External can perform the service under Flag authorization and supervision of the ship´s calls society surveyor. Ensure provide and replacement of spare part for OEM and re.hooking for no compliant release hook system as per resolution MSC/Circ 1392.

Cranes & Lifting equipment Load Test

Commissioning and assembly load tests of cranes, lifting equipment and winches.., by using water bags and hydraulic facility. Our highly engineered and certified system allows for safe, practical and economical method for load testing all types of equipment and repairing of hydraulic, electric and mechanical parts.

Marine Fire-fighting System

For the performance of the jobs mentioned below we are accredited by Many classification bodies :

Marine Fire-fighting Services Inspection, refill and hydrostatic test of all types of extinguishers Complete Inspection of fixed extinguishing systems of CO2, foam, powder and Sprinkler. Inspection, refill and hydrostatic test of breathing apparatus, air escape sets(EEBD) and medical oxygen cylinders. Inspection and maintenance of fire detection systems, alarm consoles and water mist system .

Life-saving Appliance

Marine evacuation equipment Service Inspection, maintenance and testing as per IMO regulation:

  • Inspection and testing (air pressure test) of immersion suit
  • Inspection and testing (air pressure test) of inflatable life-jacket
  • Inspection and testing (hot temperature proof test) of fireman suits
  • Supply of all equipment and accessory of LSA equipment

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Morocco Marine Service Logo All Morocco Marine Service Engineers / Technicians are certified and trained by Makers leading to a periodically improvement of specialization and increase level of knowledge over products representation, services and regulations. .

Morocco Marine Service Logo

We provide licensed global periodic lifeboats & davit inspections and lifeboat GRP hull repair which is carried out according to the approved procedure. We use water weights for onshore and offshore crane inspections and tests. We test gangways and accommodation ladders according to IMO-MSC 1331 requirements and repair them to the manufacturer’s standards. We also provide periodic inspections of low location light systems according to regulations 28.1.10 of SOLAS chapter II-2 . All inspections, tests and issuance of certificates are carried out without interfering with the ship‘s schedule

Morocco Marine Service Logo Morocco Marine Service station provides annual inspections of inflatable liferafts of international manufacturers.

Morocco Marine Service Logo We continually revise our inventory to help you meet the latest IMO safety requirements. All our stock is available to be delivered immediately anywhere.  

Morocco Marine Service Logo

  • 39, Avenue Lalla Yacout, Etg 5,  Appt D, Casablanca - Morocco
  • Tel: (+212) 05 22.013.757 Fax:(+212) 05 22.013.757